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Concrete/Masonry Screws w/ Drillcrete® Technology

Exterior Corrosion-Resistant


Concrete/Masonry Screws w/ Drillcrete® Technology

Exterior Corrosion-Resistant

Corrosion Resistant Brushed Nickel
3/16" and 1/4" Diameter, 1-1/4" to 3-1/4" Length
Flat and Hex Head
Drillcrete® Technology
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Big Timber CON: Concrete Screw

Common Uses Include

Used to anchor materials to concrete, cinder block, and brick such as:
– Wood
– Metal
– Plastic

Numerous wood-to-concrete and steel-to-concrete applications
a. Shelving brackets
b. HVAC strapping
c. Sill plates
d. Furring strips
e. Post bases
f. Baluster posts
g. Door thresholds
h. Door frames

NOTE: Always follow lumber manufacturer’s recommendations.

Benefits and Features:

• Unique Corrosion-resistant brushed nickel finish
• Notched high/low thread design for easy installation
• Unique qualities of the hi-lo thread specifications help minimize the amount of material displaced as the screw is driven into the material for superior holding power
– Head Styles:
– Bugle head with star drive recess
• Hex Head
• Great alternative to wedge anchors and plugs
• Available in 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter
• Lengths 1-3/4″ – 3-1/4″
• Concrete/Masonry Screw with Drillcrete® Technology backed by certified independent testing ( ESR-4420 and ESR-4421)
• International Building Code and International Residential Code Compliant • ACQ Compatible
• Optimal performance for light/medium duty applications in:
– Concrete / Masonry block / Brick materials / Wood base materials

CON Options

Drive SizesShank Sizes
T-253/16" Bugle Head
T-301/4" Bugle Head
1/4" Drive3/16" Hex Head
5/16" Drive1/4" Hex Head
Length1-3/4" to 3-1/4"
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