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Wood-To-Steel Self-Drilling Screw

Pro Grade


Wood-To-Steel Self-Drilling Screw

Pro Grade

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Common Uses Include

Ideal for fastening sheathing or dimension lumber to steel and/or aluminum such as:
• Truck Beds
• Docks
• Trailers – Horse, Utility, ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and Flatbed
• Wall Liners

NOTE: Always follow lumber manufacturer’s recommendations.

Benefits and Features:

• High-quality heat-treated steel for high tensile and superior shear strength
• Works on hard and soft woods
• Flat head for smooth flush surface
• Deep six-lobe star drive recess reduces cam-out and end load
• Handles 2X the torque of Phillips or square drive while extending the life of the bit
• Self-drilling tip gives screw a drill capacity (through metal) up to 1/4” – Recommended drill speed is 2000 RPM
• Deep chip cavity collects metal shavings to prevent interference with cutting threads
• Metal wings on the screw shank are designed to ream out the wood then break off when they encounter metal
– Wings prevent the screw thread from engaging into wood before the metal
• High performance triple layer (ACQ Compatible) bronze corrosion resistant coating

FHD Product Options

0.132 / T251-5/8"
0.151" / T252 to 2-1/2"
0.168" / T302-3/4" to 3-1/4"
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