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Composite Deck Screw

Exterior Corrosion-Resistant


Composite Deck Screw

Exterior Corrosion-Resistant

Heat-treated hardened steel
#10 x 1-3/4ʺ to #10 x 2-3/4ʺ
Cylinder Head
T-20 Star Drive

Compatible with treated lumber, but areas within one mile of saltwater, near swimming pools, exposure to corrosive chemicals, or other areas where corrosion is more likely to occur, such as livestock confinement, use the proper size, grade and type of Big Timber Stainless Steel Fasteners. Big Timber Stainless Steel Fasteners should be considered if available. CD is not available in stainless.

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Common Uses Include

• Composite Deck Board Installation

• Composite Fascia Board Installation

• Composite Railings

• Composite Trim Boards

• Wood Siding

NOTE: Always follow lumber manufacturer’s recommendations.

Benefits and Features:

• Heat-treated hardened steel for high tensile strength and high shear strength
• 1200 HR ACQ compatible coating for exterior or interior use
• Deep six-lobe star drive recess reduces cam-out end load
• Handles 2X the torque as Phillips or Square Drive while extending the life of the bit
• Offers a clean finish look in all types of deck boards to include:
– Cap-stock decking
– PVC decking
– Composite decking
• Dual under-head cutting nibs to aid in self countersinking
• 10° tapered head design and the reverse threads to prevent mushrooming or “volcanoing”
• Dual-thread(fine/coarse)cutsthroughfibrousmaterialswitheasereducingtorque
– Maximized holding power
• Type-17 tip for faster precise starts which eliminate “walking”
– Provides easier insertion without pre-drilling
• Available in 8 common composite deck board colors:
– Cape Cod Gray
– Castle Birch
– Gray Birch
– Graystone
– Latte
– Mocha
– Rustic Cedar
– Walnut

CD Product Options

0.128 / T201-3/4"
0.128" / T202-3/4"
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